$ 6 million

Mobaff Tracker

Mobile traffic tracker with instant post-click analysis
The role of our company:
From the stage of planning the app’s first version to selling the third version to Matomy Media.
gears Technologies Node.js, Cassandra, Memcached, Google Maps API, Redis-Server, APC
face Role Design, development, maintenance
load Approximate load 30 million commercial transitions per month
Key features Addition and grouping of traffic sources; addition and grouping of ads vertically, making rules to define which ad a user should be sent to according to device, location, OS, type of mobile device, mobile operator, etc.
Integrated report system Group, day/part reports, landing page, quality, raw reports; notification system.
Country USA Hosting Rackspace
The project was sold to Matomy Media for $6 million matomy
Aleksandr Tsatkin, CEO “When your business needs a creative team of Web developers, which, as a real partner, helps your business grow, you are not mistaken in choosing the Umbrella company. We recommend involving it in any project where you need developers making sound decisions on their own. Working with the Umbrella team was a great pleasure, and we are not going to stop our cooperation in the near future.” Aleksandr Tsatkin, CEO