We work with two types of project:
— Projects that begin as an idea from scratch. Usually these are startups or business process automation.
— A running, successful project experiencing problems with an existing structure or performance.


Design and development

Design and development

  • Preparation of PRD.
  • Creation of wireframes and an app prototype.
  • Development of project corporate identity and design.
  • Web development (programming).
  • Web app optimization for mobile devices and tablets.
  • App integration with different APIs.
  • Launching and maintenance.
  • Creation of apps for iPhone/Android.


  • Security evaluation.
  • Performance evaluation.
  • User interface and user experience.
  • Selection of a server and development tools.
  • Code review.
Performance optimization and maintenance

Performance optimization and maintenance

  • Web app availability and performance monitoring.
  • Configuring Nginx/Apache server for high load.
  • Planning and implementation of horizontal app scaling on dedicated servers and in clouds.
  • Transfer of a database part to NoSQL.
  • Settingup of maintenance, goals, funnels and analytics.