Our benefits

  • We work under AGILE Methodology.
  • The company has extensive experience in the creation of successful commercial projects, and we know the best practices for successful projects.
  • The services of the Web studio include the full cycle of development, from a prototype to implementation and maintenance.
  • Well-organized development process performed by experienced programmers. You enjoy the development instead of having continuous stress.
  • Site development is performed using up-to-date technologies such as Symfony2, Node.js, Backbone.js, AngularJS, NoSQL (MongoDB or Cassandra).
  • You may rest assured that your Web app will be safe, flexible, and scalable for high loads.
  • We are easy to work with – we provide you a weekly report with a description of all work performed and a plan for the next week.
  • At any time, you can access the developed code via the code version control system GIT.
  • We give you a clear list of tasks with time limits and notification about their statuses through a task manager.
  • You can download and check the project documentation whenever you like.
  • If you apply to us, you may rest assured, knowing that your project will be completed on time and within budget – we have many loyal clients from all over the world, and you can contact them to receive a recommendation.
  • You will gain a stable partner, so you can focus on your business marketing and development while we take care of the technical side of your project.
  • Why do
    customers choose
    your company’s services?
    Because with us, you’re not taking a risk.
  • success project

    The main problem in Web development is the associated risk. The following list details four common risks:
    - a project won’t be completed for some reason,
    - low quality of implementation,
    - failure to meet delivery date,
    - poor project; impossible to make changes or scale a project for high traffic load.

    Other companies say, “Look at our portfolio, read recommendations on our site, and let’s start working together.” However, a portfolio won’t tell you how a website development was conducted, and a company will not download failed projects to a portfolio, and recommendations can be falsified or exaggerated.

  • What makes you different
    from other studios? And why
    is your company no-risk?
    We sign a contract only after a complete
    prototype/wireframe for your project is created.
  • Our company starts providing services without an advance payment, and after working with us, you will become personally certain about our quality and the way we organize the process.

    Everything is as simple as it sounds: if you are not satisfied, you can keep looking for other proposals! You won’t lose anything!

    You’ve got for free:
    - Prototype/wireframes. Download a sample
    - Structure of object linking/database. Download a sample
    - Detailed budget and time estimation
    Download a sample of an overall time estimation
    Download a sample of a detailed time estimation

    If you already have a project but want a team for it, we will give you a free week so you can make your choice based on real experience.

You can make a choice based on
real experience, not on indefinite promises.